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'There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head...' Matthew 26:7


What My Clients Are Saying...

 To ANYONE in need of stress relief, I heartily recommend massage therapy, which I have enjoyed as provided by Kelly Johnson. Since June of 2007, I have added bi-weekly 30 minute massages to my schedule. Prior to that, I always thought of massage as a luxury experience not really necessary to most people's lives. After realizing the extent of the mental and physical benefit it provides, I now consider it a wise and necessary addition in caring for my overall general health. It has proven to be as helpful to me as any prescription I've ever taken or life style change I've made to improve my body and mind. Kelly connects with me during my therapy, not only through touch, but also with an indescribable openness of spirit that leaves me feeling totally renewed and refreshed physically and mentally. I leave there with an almost euphoric feeling of being cleansed of worries and refocused to effectively handle those little curve balls life throws from time to time. Somehow she manages to literally and figuratively, work the "kinks" out of me!! If you have not tried massage therapy before, I hope you will at least allow yourself to experience it once. If you have tried it with other massage therapists, I would also strongly recommend visiting Kelly Johnson to experience the level of expertise and skill she has attained, which I believe takes the experience to a whole new level.

Kathy Geoffrion


Kelly was professional and gave me a WONDERFUL deep tissue massage. I will definitely return for another massage as well as recommend her to anyone who will listen!

Joy Doerr


It was certainly a pleasure meeting Ms. Kelly. I look forward to seeing her again for another wonderful massage. One massage therapist to another....Keep up the good work!

Deanna Messer


Kelly was very professional and the environment was very serene and inviting. I had the swedish massage and it was wonderful. I was so relaxed and felt de-stressed which is just what I needed. Thank you, Kelly - it was a great massage!



One of the best massages I have ever had! Kelly knew exactly what I needed and provided it. She listened and made sure I was comfortable. Awesome!! Looking forward to many more massages with her.



Kelly did an excellent job with the massage and focused on the areas I wanted. This was definitely a deep tissue massage and she really got in and worked out the knots. I would recommend it!



When I said deep, she did DEEP! It was good though, and well worth it. She was very professional and I enjoyed working with her. I also enjoyed the chocolate and water after! Thanks!



"It's amazing to me to understand how much your mind, body and soul are really in sync. When your mind is tired so is your body. When your soul is weary so in your mind. It's important to me to have all parts of me in balance with one another. Massage therapy definetly allows me to slow down from my day to day activities and focus inward on myself. I need that "me" time to refresh my mind, body and soul. It's important to me to take care of myself. There is only one of me. I can't hit the rest button to start over again. Massage therapy helps to restore the damage I've already accrued and to prevent any damages in the future. I would recommend everyone to have "me" time on a regular basis."

Ryan Bennett

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